Vaccinium myrtillus

Or Blåbär, as we say in Sweden. The direct translation is ‘blue berry’ and although closely related to the North American cultivated blueberry, our beloved wild bilberry – or European blueberry as it’s sometimes called – is a smaller, darker variety, packed with nutrients and natural antioxidants. We enjoy our bilberries fresh, frozen and cooked in delicious desserts all year round. Bilberries owe their sweet and juicy taste to their sugar content, which combined with vitamins, makes them a very good and moisturising skin care ingredient.

Wichtigste Vorteile
  • High five for skin-saving antioxidants!
  • Moisturising, thanks to bilberries’ sugar content and vitamins.
  • Skin-softening and toning, thanks to their natural fruit acid content.
Bilberries get their dark blue colour pigment from powerful compounds called polyphenols, which give bilberries antioxidant and astringent properties.

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Wild Blueberry Mehrzweck-Creme mit Wilden Blaubeerenextrakt
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