A Feminine Touch in Men's Fragrance

Nathalie Lorson is the nose behind some of the most famous designer perfumes, including the Giordani Man Notte. We sat down with her to learn more about the fragrance and to get the best tips for how to choose a men’s scent.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Giordani Gold Notte?
Giordani Gold Notte captures the appeal of the man who celebrates life. The fragrance is inspired by the sophisticated approach to the life that Italian men have.

Giordani Gold Notte is my third creation for Oriflame, which is sculpted around my extraordinary visionary accord of Black Vetiver, by blending the world's finest Bourbon Vetiver oil from Réunion in the Indian Ocean with a carefully selected palette of ingredients. The resulting accord is warm, woody and earthy with vegetal and smoky facets. Dark, velvety and enigmatic.

What notes are most prominent in this fragrance?
It is a perfectly balanced, supremely masculine and unmistakably refined fragrance. It opens with a burst of fresh Italian citrus with aromatic cypress and piquant black peppercorn notes. The gourmand heart, with notes of freshly ground black coffee, spicy clove and ripe plum, warms and teases. But it is the dry down that commands and holds your attention, with its woody, smoky accord of black vetiver, delicate leathery nuances of suede and enchanting patchouli. I would like to highlight Italian Citrus, black Coffee and black Vetiver among all the ingredients.

You’ve had an amazing career as a perfumer. What’s it like to be a woman creating fragrances for men?
Every new creation is a new challenge - each story, each brand and each profile is different. Creating a masculine fragrance is of course not the same as a feminine one, you have to carefully select each ingredient and each quality. Every ingredient must be coherent with the masculine profile. For Giordani Gold Notte I selected luxurious and noble ingredients that match the Italian masculine style.

What are your top three tips for men buying perfume?
1. If possible, try the fragrance on your skin, for a minutes, a few hours or even a day.
2. Choose a fragrance within the universe that fits you: elegant, sporty, sensual or seductive.
3. Ask your consultant for advice - they can advise you on how to find the perfect fragrance for you.

What should women think about when buying perfumes for men?
1. Try to capture the personality of the man for who you want to buy a perfume.
2. Choose a brand with a personality that fits him
3. Buy the fragrance that you like him to wear and that fits with his style - sporty, urban, sophisticated etc.

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