Is snacking healthy?

We’ve all heard that we should snack in between meals to keep our blood sugar stable, but is snacking really healthy for us? And what is a healthy snack? Read on to find out!

Is snacking good for you?
Healthy snacks can definitely be a part of a healthy diet, help us stay full for longer and help us stop overeating. When we leave eating until we’re starving, it’s easy to overeat! But snacking can also be a way of overeating. So the real answer is that it depends! Whether snacking is healthy or not depends on how active you are, how much you eat for your main meals and what kinds of snacks you choose (ie successful healthy snacking!)

• For example, if you’re a very active person, eating healthy snacks may be essential to get enough calories in your diet, but if you’re an office worker who doesn’t expend much energy during the day, snacks could just add extra calories, even if they are healthy.

• Snacks high in sugar and fat can be unhealthy for you since they provide energy but not a lot of nutrients. But healthy snacks which are low fat, high-protein and full of fibre, vitamins and minerals can be good for you.

Can snacking help with weight loss?
Eating healthy snacks can help with appetite control, which can aid in weight loss. Some studies show that eating healthy snacks high in protein and fibre can also help reduce hunger and help you lose fat. This sounds great, doesn’t it? But again, if you’re not expending a lot of energy, snacking may not be a good idea. If you eat less calories than you expend, you’ll lose weight, but if your snacks just add more calories to your diet you might end up gaining weight. You need to tailor the sizes of your meals to match your life and your activity levels.

What is a healthy snack?
Healthy snacks are nutrient dense, high-protein, high-fibre and quite low-calorie. Fibre-rich and high protein snacks are very filling, which makes them the best choice for a healthy snack.

If you choose to snack, some good high-fibre and high protein snacks are:
• Low-fat yoghurt
• Eggs
• Nuts & seeds(in moderation)
Protein shakes
• Fruits, berries or veggie sticks
• Wholegrains like granola bars or oatmeal
• Or try our delicious Banana Protein Pancakes recipe!

When it comes down to it, you are the only one who can determine if snacking is right for you. It all depends on your goals (e.g. gaining weight, losing weight, not being hangry at work!) and hunger levels. Some people just need a snack to get them through to the next meal. So if you do choose to snack, pick a nutritious one!

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