Ask the expert: How do I find the perfect lipstick shade?

Ever seen a beautiful lipstick on a friend, only to find that it looks less perfect on you? Well, you’re not alone! Determining which lipstick shade suits you best is tricky, because lipsticks look very different on different people, due to the undertone of our skin. We’ve asked the London-based makeup artists duo Pamela & Andrea to share their best tips on how to find the right shade for you.

What’s an undertone?
“The undertone is the colour that shines through underneath the surface of your skin. It’s either warm, cool or neutral. Your undertone will always remain the same even if your skin tone colour changes throughout the years, due to sun, acne or rosacea”, Pamela & Andrea explains.

How to find your skin’s undertone
“To help you find your undertone, check the colour of your inner arm. The colour there is usually protected from the sun and will therefore give you the most accurate shade.”


The perfect lipstick shade for warm undertones
Your skin has a yellow, peachy, olive or golden hue. It’s not uncommon for you to look tan in winter too. You could also have very dark skin that never gets sunburned. Looking at your wrist, your veins have a greenish or yellow colour. And if you do the jewellery test, gold complements your skin better than silver.

So, what lipstick shades suit warm tones?
“If you have warm undertones, you should be looking for orangey-red, brick-red, terracotta and peachy nudes. All these lipstick shades will enhance your skin.”

For example, you’d look stunning in The One Colour Stylist Ultimate lipstick and the shade Sunset Orange.


The go-to lipstick shade for cool undertones
Your skin is very pale (almost translucent) and may have some freckles or redness. You easily burn in the sun and tend to get red before you go tan. An easy trick to see if your skin tone is cool, is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they look bluish or purple, then you know. You can also tell by doing the jewellery test – cool skin tones look best in silver!

“If you have cool undertones, you should be looking for lipstick shades in bluish red or pinks. A bright cherry red, deep plum or a mauve nude would also look great on you. But don’t forget to stay clear from the orangey brown colours!”

You’d look amazing in Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15 and the shade Blooming Pink.


The best lipstick shade for neutral undertones
If you have difficulty deciding whether your veins are blue or green, you’re likely to have a neutral skin tone. And if this is the case – then lucky you! This means that you can choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum. Think red, pink, nude, cherry – well, any colour is a yes for you!

Try The One Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick in the shade Timeless Mauve – you will look flawless!


One last thing to keep in mind
“Everyone sees colour differently and there is no right or wrong. It’s not easy to find the perfect lipstick shade, most likely you will have to try many before finding one you love. Just remember it’s only makeup so have fun with it. The best lipstick is the one on the smiliest and happiest lips!”