Fierce Beauty: Cat-eye Lashes in Three Easy Steps!

Just as a leopard can’t change its spots, you will never want anything other than big volume lashes. It’s just your thing! We’ll admit, it’s not the easiest look to master but with these simple steps, you’ll soon be applying a feline flick like a pro.

Looking for a fierce feline look that’s perfect? Tremendous Fierce may be just the mascara you have been waiting for: extreme volume with extra expansion on the outer lashes for a fiercely bold lash look.

Ready to rise up and be heard? We love this bold lash look, for an epic boost of confidence. Women around the world are not shying away from anything, why should we? Fashion and beauty are a great way to showcase self-expression and personal style, so why not put self-confidence on full display with this fierce look?

Inspired by the latest animal print trend we’re seeing on runways to the real world, the winged feline look delivers confidence-boosting reow to any look!

Step 1:
The curve of the Feline Instinct Brush will follow the form of your lashes for outer lash volume. Start applying at the inner corner and work outwards.

Step 2:
For more definition, use the blunt tip to flick your outer lashes upwards.

Step 3:
Repeat as desired to build extreme volume and intense length.