You Are In Stubble

Right now we love everything but a clean-shaven look! Meet Oriflame’s Global Hair Expert Karl Eklund, who reveals his insights into the stubble trend.

You are in stubbleGeorge Clooney has made it his signature style and Brad Pitt is rarely seen with a bare chin. But it’s not only Hollywood A-listers who are rejecting a smooth shave or a full beard for a lighter take on facial hair. We had a chat with our Global Hair Expert Karl Eklund, who reveals the secrets behind this undone and seemingly effortless masculine look.

Why has the beard suddenly fallen out of favour and why do men prefer a slightly grown-out style?
– The facial hair trend will continue this year but in a less heavy and more groomed fashion. The grown-out style gives an extra masculine touch without dominating the face too much.

Tell us about the hottest new trends in men’s beards this summer and also for autumn and winter 2014.
– We see several facial hair trends that depend on face shape and hairstyle. The style should always suit your face features: for example if you have a rectangular face, you can create a balance with a beard that’s slightly shorter at the chin and fuller at the side. I’d recommend asking your hairdresser for advice.

Describe your favourite stubble look.
– This depends very much on your ‘shape’ and facial features; there are different ways to wear stubble. Actually through my work in fashion styling, I see two other emerging trends – the full moustache inspired by Tom Selleck and other classic 70/80s characters, and the clean-shaven look for a more classic luxurious feeling.

What’s the inspiration behind the stubble look trending right now?
– Before, the only way to look well groomed was to be clean-shaven, but when celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt started to make a statement with the stubble look, they showed it can be stylish and sophisticated – and that feeling has stuck!

You are in stubble

You are in stubble


– A stubbled look can add some masculinity and you can choose to either wear a more natural style or go for a cleaner look by shaving the areas outside your natural growth for a more elegant look.

Keep in mind that shorter and grown-out styles always require some attention to suit modern fashion – this is not necessarily a low maintenance trend!  

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