5 Must-Haves for Summer Skin

What's the secret to flawless summer skin? These are our five best product picks for protecting and enhancing your skin this summer.

Attention makeup minimalists: this is your season. Everyone loves the glamour of a full face of makeup but there are some occasions when less is more! When things heat up come summertime, you can get away with fewer products as long as you’ve got the right ones. Stick with us to find out what they are.

A tan-enhancing bronzer
Because your skin will turn a bit darker when exposed to summer sunlight, the way you apply your bronzer should change accordingly. You’ll want to add a bit of dimension to your face without adding heavy coverage. A sweep across the forehead and across the tops of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose will do. It's both youthful and youth-preserving because it doesn't come with UV damage (unless you skip your sunscreen, which of course you won't.) Our must-have is the THE ONE Face Styler Highlighter, available in shimmering bronzer, highlighter, blush and matte contour - four interchangeable shades to add dimension to eyes, lips and cheeks.


2. A pop of blush
Save your powder blush for colder days and opt for a creamy face styler stick for summer skin instead. Choose from highlighter or blush shades in our Giordani Gold Radiant Complexion Cream Stick to complete your look with an easy-to-blend, buildable colour that can also sub on eyes and lips. It’s an easy way to add an energised glow to your face with minimal effort, enhancing a natural no make-up look while also slimming down your make-up bag. Win, win.

3. Sweat-proof foundation
THE ONE Everlasting Sync Foundation SPF 30 is not only proven to last up to 30 hours (yes, you read that right!) - and has sun protection - but it’s also sweat and humidity resistant. It’s perfect for hot summer days as it helps your skin to retain moisture in dry environments and absorb moisture in humid environments. Choose from original or matte finishes and you’re ready to go!


4. A cleansing brush
It’s not unusual to have oilier skin and get more breakouts in summer. Counteract this by cleaning your brushes often. Sure, it isn’t the most exciting task, but it should always be a part of your beauty regimen in order to avoid dirt and bacteria growth that can lead to bad skin! Another good way to keep oil at bay is to double cleanse, which will really ensure any pollutants, makeup or oils are removed from the skin before applying any night creams.

5. SPF
No matter if you're going to work, for lunch, or a day at the beach, always make sure to protect any exposed skin from UV rays. NovAge Day Shield SPF30 or SPF50 are great to use if you live in a city as they both have sun protection but also help to minimise the negative impact of pollution. When sunbathing or swimming use Sun 360 products – they’re perfect for the whole body!