Facial massage: best mindfulness routines for a healthy glow

Is a mindful facial massage the one thing your beauty routine is missing? This simple, morning routine awakens a healthy glow and starts your day in a beautiful way!

So how does a facial massage work?
Every wondered why your complexion glows after a facial? It’s not just all about the products. A facial massage is so important in stimulating the skin! The more you move and activate your skin, the brighter it becomes.

Super easy to do, the right movements can help boost circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage (say goodbye to puffiness!) help to smoothen your complexion and has a relaxing sensation.

Importantly, it helps create a healthy, natural glow and prepares the skin for make-up.

Facial massage: prime your skin for perfection
Warm your favourite primer in your palm and apply with your fingertips.

Step 1: Slowly press fingertips from the mid-line of your forehead gently outwards.
Step 2: Place your fingertips at the corners of your mouth and glide upwards, cupping your cheeks gently as you go.
Step 3: Draw fingertips from above the cupid’s bow, around the corners of your mouth towards your chin.
4: Use the remaining product in downward strokes on your neck. Close your eyes for a relaxing sensation
Repeat steps 1–4 as many times you like and enjoy a mindful beauty routine.

Mindful moment: a touch of luxury you deserve
Feeling relaxed and calm? Continue your sensorial moment to yourself and further enhance your healthy glow. Care for your skin as you wear, Divine Touch Cushion foundation contains a range of ingredients designed to help even out the skin tone, hide imperfections and create the appearance of youthful looking skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is known to help naturally moisturise the skin and help it feel smooth, supple and more hydrated. Skin Cherish Blend containing natural extracts of Sea Water, Apricot, Green Tea and Pumpkin help to nourish the skin.

A final touch of Sheer Perfection
Follow by applying the Divine Touch Cushion Foundation with the Divine Touch Applicator. Load the enclosed sponge by pressing it into the cushion compact.

Step 1: Tap the sponge across the forehead and down the nose.
Step 2: Glide the sponge over the cheeks and upwards towards the temples.
Step 3. Press the sponge gently just above the cupid’s bow and on the chin.
Step 4: Tap a final touch to each under-eye area. Fold the sponge in half if you need a precise touch. Finally blend gently outwards and down the neck.