3 Hair Learnings from the Streets of New York

1. The Most Fashionable Bangs  
Thin, long, short or edgy bangs? What we learned from these chic fashionistas is that long thick and straight bangs is the only way to go this spring. Leave them purposely messy for the edgiest trendiest look possible.


2. Hats Can Save Any Situation  
We learned that hats can be the answer to all types of hair 'mares. Whether you have grubby hair, it's raining, or if you just fancy a chic style for any occasion. The easiest way to spice up a bad hair day or simply edging up any look is adding a hat. Black, blue, brown – no matter what colour you choose make sure your hair is flowing free underneath and you’ll look instantly chic just like these ladies!

3. The Higher The Up-Do, The Chicer You Look
An up do can be the perfect solution for work, parties or down-time. Whatever the occasion, we learned from the streets that right now the higher up your do, the trendier you are. This season the only way is evidently up!

Worte von: Fotografien von: Kamel Lahmadi