Winter Guide to Strong Nails

You may not think it, but your nails are also affected by dropping temperatures. So what should you do to keep them as strong and healthy as possible? We have the answers!

Yes, we know. Moisturising is a somewhat obvious solution, but it doesn’t make it any less important. The thing to remember is that your nails need as much moisture as your hands do. So don’t forget to massage cream into your cuticles and nail beds as well. For extra cold days or emergency situations, you can use lip balm. It works like a charm!
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As mentioned above, a daily cuticle massage is necessary for healthy nails. But if you find that a cream’s not enough to treat your nails, there are other ways to nourish them. Start off with a cuticle scrub that removes any dry skin and then apply cuticle cream for a supple result.
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Do you ever file your nails back and forth? Don’t! This can cause breakage and peeling. So make sure you always file in one direction. Another common mistake is to cut off your cuticles instead of simply pushing them back. The latter is a much better option, as cutting can lead to infection. Also consider to switch you metal file to a softer material as it might be too harsh.
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We love manicures, but having constantly polished nails can be damaging in the long run. You see, nails soak up substances, even more so than what skin does, and this dries them out. It can also lead to discolorations, which isn’t a pretty sight. So try to take a break from polish every now and then. During the break you can treat your nails with nourishing products like nail food or nail masks.
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Strong and healthy nails can also come from the inside. A supplement that is specifically designed to enhance the quality of your hair and nails can really boost their appearance. Look for ingredients like Iron, which is important for a healthy nail bed, and L-cysteine, which makes nails harder.
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Gloves are a must in winter! Besides keeping your hands from freezing off, gloves will protect your skin and nails from drying out. But something that is worth to consider is wearing them indoors too. Yes, indoors! Wearing cotton gloves after moisturising will help your skin to absorb the product better. It’s perfect when you’re sleeping.
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