4 Secrets To Longer Looking Lashes – Naturally!

False Eyelashes. Extensions. Dyeing. We go to great, sometimes extreme, lengths to get thicker, longer lashes. If you’re not naturally gifted with come-hither eyes, follow our four tips to supersized lashes.

Tired of faking lash length with costly extensions and false lashes? Longing for naturally long lashes that don’t break off or fall out? Invest in a little healthy lash TLC! There are many easy and healthy ways to grow longer and stronger lashes, from natural oils and a nutrient rich diet to simply combing them through with a naturally lash lengthening tapered lash brush. Follow our four tips to supersized lashes below.


1. Cleanse Properly
When it comes to removing makeup, it’s tempting to scrub the eye area, but being too harsh could result in damage. Whether you’re trying to take-off waterproof mascara or simply cleanse your face, make sure to be gentle around the eye area - your eyelashes will thank you!

2. Nourish Your Lashes
Natural olive oil is great in the kitchen, but it’s also rich in essential fatty acids and can be used to soften hair. Gift yourself a clean mascara brush and dip it in the oil, then run the brush gently through your lashes.

Coconut oil is also safe to use around your eyes, and it’s a wonderful moisturiser and lash strengthener. In fact, studies show that applying coconut oil to hair before and after washing can prevent hair from damaging protein loss! Lashes are small hairs, of course, so use a small, clean wand or a finger tip and rub a tiny amount into eyelashes to boost softness and build strength.

Our GG Angel Caress Lengthening Mascara is infused with Vitamin Cloud for lash-enhancing protection and nourishment, instantly and over time.


3. Brush Your Lashes
Prioritising lash health is half the battle, but grooming your lashes in surprisingly simple ways can further enhance a look of stunning lash length. Brushing out eyelashes regularly with a tapered brush is a great way to strengthen them and create a “winged” effect, so they appear longer as they go stronger. We love Angel Caress Lengthening Mascara from Giordani Gold at Oriflame. Its vitamin cloud formula is gentle on lashes, provides lash-enhancing protection and nourishment, and its cool flat mascara brush extends lash length even further when used the right way.

Primers and serums are sumptuous of course, but don’t hesitate to try every day formulas that condition and strengthen lashes and brows without costing the world. We like OnColour’s Lash and Brow Booster for every day.

4. Improve Your Diet
Last but not least, don’t forget the impact of good overall health and nutrition! Your diet impacts on your whole body – including your eyelashes. If you are well nourished, then your skin and hair will be too. A protein rich diet, and one that includes Vitamins A, C and E, will help promote healthy skin and hair. Get a helping hand from supplements that contain iron (which can prevent hair loss) and L-cysteine, which is the main amino acid in keratin.

Get plenty of beauty sleep, especially when feeling run down or stressed, and eat adequate levels of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D (all good for amazing looking skin and hair).