What Eye Shadow Colour Should You Be Wearing?

When it comes to eye shadow, picking the right shade for your eye colour is just as crucial as coordinating it with your clothing. Here’s the lowdown on your most complimentary colours.

Brown eyed girls can get away with wearing most shades – lucky you. But if you really want to accentuate your eyes look for shadows in salmon, bronze or gold; these shimmering products will highlight any gold flecks or undertones in your eyes. If your eye colour veers towards hazel, then try warm metallic hues or aubergine tones that highlight hints of green. If you want to get that “pop” effect, then use vibrant blues, greens and pinks for contrast. Or, if you have very dark, almost black eyes, then add intensity with dark eyeliner and smoky eye makeup. Dark eyes are able to carry off the sultry evening shades we all love.

Your must-haves:
The ONE Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick – Sahara Bronze and Amazon Night 
Giordani Gold Eye Shadow Quad – Divine Brown

Avoid heavy, dark makeup if you have blue eyes. Overly smoky eye makeup will only compete with your eye colour, which is why you should stick to light and neutral tones. If you have very light blue eyes, try coral and champagne coloured eye shadows. Or, a bronze or rose coloured metallic cream will balance the cool tones. All sound too plain? Well then a rusted orange or purple will offer an exciting contrast. 

Can’t live without:
The ONE Colour Impact Eye Shadow – Beige Pearl and Rose Gold 

Your eyes are naturally bright, so you don't have to wear dark eyeliner or vivid eye shadows to attract attention. Instead, charcoal or brown liners won’t overpower but will frame your eyes beautifully. Earthy tones, like warm browns and taupe will compliment your eye colour, or for more of a contrast, opt for purple – lavender, violet and lilac, any shade goes! To bring out the flecks in your eyes try a shimmering bronze, gold or silver.

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