The Editors Best Grooming Tips!

You can look young, fresh and fit not just in your twenties. Age is a relative concept, while the main thing is the right care! Oriflame’s editor Kirill Kutalov gives you his 4 simple daily grooming rules for men after 30.


There is no doubt: the noble gray hair and wrinkles around the eyes can add charm to masculinity and look great in the dim light of a fancy restaurant. But they can also do a disservice to you at the interview, and in the eyes of younger colleagues make you vulnerable to say the least.

If you are, like me, approaching 40, it's time you start the fight with time and give your daily treatments at least a half hour. Your main rivals are the long evenings at your desk, the neglect of sunscreen and lack of sleep. To effectively counter the risk factors and to preserve your appearance, you need to follow the plan of four simple points.


 Clean victory

The most important thing in the care routine is proper skin cleansing. Cleanser should be moderately soft not to dry the skin. Use it just once a day, morning or evening. Personally I prefer the morning - a feeling of freshness helps me to wake up.

Once or twice a week use the scrub that gently removes the top layer of the epidermis, along with dead skin cells and impurities. This should be done carefully and cautiously, so not to damage the skin.



Eye to Eye

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Micro damages and wrinkles in this area will be first signs of ageing. Cream for the skin around the eye contains ingredients that not only moisturize, but also help to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. I strongly recommend it for all men over 30 years. Unfortunately though, this tool will not be able to instantly hide the effects of a wild night.



To shave or not to shave

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons why men grow a beard. If you decided to take this step, you probably already know that a beard should be cared for, and the routine is no less troublesome than the daily shave. Beard should be washed - you can use a special shampoo for this, but you can also take your regular one - dry with a towel, comb and trim. The shorter your beard, the more often you will need to pick up the trimmer or, if you are a real ace, scissors. If you prefer clean-shaven cheeks, then let us remind you the basic rules of shaving, which cannot be broken, if you don’t want your skin to get old prematurely. 1 Always use a cream, gel or mousse for shaving. 2 After applying the cream wait a couple of minutes before starting to shave. 3 Never shave against the hair growth. It's not more efficient, just painful and more harmful. 4 Use aftershaves - they soften the skin and sooth the irritation.


Open space

Grooming is an all-season concept, but in late autumn and winter it is necessary to pay special attention. The cold air outside, air-conditioned office and your apartment warmed by a central heating dry the skin, making it aging rapidly and generally looking bad. We mean, it makes you to look bad. To avoid this, use right tools: a moisturizer for the face (usually it contains an UV protection) and hand cream (soothes and moisturizes). In addition, lip balm - a must have if you live an active life and do outdoor sports. And if you're planning a skiing vacation, add a good sunscreen!

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