How To Choose The Right Body Wash For You

It’s easy to forget that our body has different skin care concerns too. Using generic soap when it comes to cleansing is a big no-no, but how to know which wash to use when lathering up in the shower? Read on below, we’ve got it all figured out!

No one wants to walk around feeling like rough sand paper. When it comes to choosing a body wash for dry skin, it is always a good idea to go with a creamier wash instead of a gel. A cream wash is often gentler for dry skin and doesn’t contain any soap, which can easily dry it out. Look for ingredients that deeply conditions and hydrates your skin like olive oil, aloe vera or honey and make sure it contains some type of re-conditioning vitamins like vitamin A, B1 or E.

A moisturising body lotion is also key when it comes to dry skin, but for complete hydration all the way it’s definitely a good idea to start thinking about moisture even before the shower. It might feel tempting to exfoliate often to remove dry flakes, over-scrubbing will only dry out the skin even more. Instead, aim to lightly dry brush with an exfoliating glove, sponge or brush every third day to keep the circulation flowing and skin glowing.

Whether its harsh weather, bad eating habits or lack of vitamins, we all experience dull skin at some point. There are three things that are key whenever you feel like your skin needs deep refreshment; first, make sure to drink enough water. Second, exfoliate. Third, hydrate. Regular exfoliation will shed dead skin layers properly and brighten up any dullness. Dry brushing is also a big helper when it comes to keeping your skin healthy-looking. Start your day by lightly dry brushing in the morning to get your circulation going. Follow with a body wash that contains gentle exfoliation with refreshing ingredients like strawberry and lime or kiwi for an invigorating feeling. Top off with a hydrating body lotion, and for extra moisture add a few drops of body oil.

Overly dry skin, allergies or eczema are probably common traits for those with sensitive skin. Some days it might feel like everything makes your skin break out, but don’t panic; there are some basic pointers to stick with to keep your skin from becoming irritated. First, stay away from heavily scented lotions and washes, and always look for key words like creamy, gentle and softening when choosing products. Exfoliate carefully and go for natural and pH balancing ingredients. A shower cream with avocado is a great choice as it contains healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Or, choose a wash with hydrating oils like almond oil that is gentle on the skin and super nourishing at the same time. Always follow up with a moisturising and soothing body lotion to keep your skin balanced.

With so much talk about oils, you would think that your body’s excess oil somehow would be beneficial. Unfortunately, it can make your skin develop unwanted bumps and pimples if you don’t care for it properly. Luckily, there is a great body wash out there for all skin types. Many with oily skin tend to over-cleanse their skin and use products with a lot of alcohol, which actually only triggers your oil production. Your sebum production is very much due to genetics and hormones, so your skin isn’t oily because it’s dirty. All the washing in the world won’t make the excess oil go away, so focus on finding a wash that hydrates properly but doesn’t add oil.

Go for lighter showers gels with gentle exfoliation to help your skin reduce breakouts by keeping the pores from becoming clogged with dead cells and sebum. A great ingredient is mint, which will wake up your skin and make it feel reinvigorated. Extracts of natural ingredients like raspberries contain a lot of great antioxidants and vitamin C, while some herbs like lavender can even balance hormonal levels. Lavender also provides a soothing scent and adds a great relaxing feeling to any shower session. Voilà; Smooth, refreshed and happy skin!

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