The Best Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

From the blossoming love of the first year, to the solid commitment of the 10th - a nice anniversary gift is always welcome. And naturally the right gift should come from the heart. But a little inspo doesn’t hurt! So, if you want to skip the chocolate and flowers, check out this gift guide from our Editor, Sanna Franklin.

For him: We all want our partners to stay happy and healthy. What better way to say “I love you” than with the gift of good health habits? I recommend you get our WellnessPack Man for a great combination of essential daily nutrients and antioxidants.

For her: No beauty gift guide is complete without makeup, but buying it for someone else is hard. The more you know about your lady, the bolder you can be in your choices. Personally, I love the elegant packaging of the new ranges from Giordani Gold.

For him: Giving him cologne is the ultimate sign of closeness. After all, you are giving him something he will wear every day. If you want your man’s scent to be tasteful and stylish choose Eclat Homme EDT, if you’re thinking more along the lines of an iconic, sophisticated scent then try Giordani Gold Man EDT.

For her: Just as cologne for him, a perfume is the most intimate gift for her. Celebrate your everlasting love with Volare Gold. It has a sensual yet luminous floral-gourmand-rose glow with notes of crimson rose, velvety peach and salty caramel. For a cheeky scent with instant recognition try the seductive scent of My Destiny neither of you will be able to resist.

For him: If you want to let him know that your love is timeless, buy a watch. Maybe he already has a watch for nights out, but nothing suitable for day-to-day wear? Take a look at what he usually wears and what he might be missing. Does he prefer leather or metal? By matching it with his style, you know he’ll wear it!

For her: You can never go wrong with jewellery. It’s a touch of luxury she can really enjoy for a long time. Before you commit, do some basic investigating. That way, you’ll be sure to give her a gift she’ll truly adore. What kind of a woman is she? Does she mix it up or always wear the bare minimum? Look at her current jewellery to decide what might be a great addition to her collection! Maybe some ear rings, a necklace or a pretty ring that would suit her style.

For him: You’ve been together for a long time! And even though you love the thought of growing old together, you might want to provide him with the tools for continued good skin. So, why not put together a grooming kit with a face wash, eye balm and moisturising cream? Men can really benefit from using our North For Men range with Arctic Defence Technology. For the experienced male groomer, the SkinPro Cleansing Device is a 1-minute routine addition he’ll love!

For her: You’ve been together for 10 years and plan to be together for many more. And just like you have invested a lot of time in each other, she’ll want to invest time in her skin care routine. So, show how much you love her with a high-quality skin care set. Whatever her concerns, there’s a conveniently packaged four-step skin care set range available. It may require some research and financial investment, but she’ll be besotted with these products – and you, of course.

Ready to splurge a little more on the love of your life? Give her the gadget of her skin care dreams! Our SkinPro Cleansing System is a 2-speed powered brush that provides a deep cleanse and massage at the same time.

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