New This Month: 3 Body Sprays for Men That Smell Awesome

Men`s favourite grooming brand North for Men has launched three unique scents. Dear gentlemen, here you have three new fragranced body sprays for three different moments of your day: feeling fresh in the morning, energised at the gym, and feeling confident for an evening out. Scroll through to learn more!

Fresh” is an Aromatic Fougere. The term “fougere” means “fern-like” in French and it describes the family of the fragrance. Fougère perfumes are made with a blend of fragrances and described as woody, sharp and slightly sweet.

The hero ingredient of the “Fresh” is Ginger Root which delivers a powerful, spicy freshness, with sparkling zesty and peppery facets, as well as warm earthy tones. Mmm, it smells like a forest!


Power” is an Oriental Fougere. The fragrances belong to this family uplift and energise its wearers.

“Power” is reminiscent of a fresh, green field in Britain, the hero ingredient Clover Joker gives off an invigorating scent that’s refreshingly masculine.

Here is a true gentleman! “Intense” belongs to the aromatic olfactory family. The woody notes form the core of these compositions.

Thanks to Yew Wood, “Intense” offers an elegant electricity, with a citrusy zest and luminous aspects, as well as dark, warm and woody undertones.

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