Get The Look: Say Hello To Versatile style

This spring it’s all about colour, contrasts and the freedom to express your own style. Pair ultra glossy with ultra matte, sophisticated circular metal details with graphic shapes and neutrals with soft pastels. Mix, 3match and mismatch is key!

Circular details are a must-have. Like this necklace, think orbs on pendants and earrings – or round metallic details on bags.

Style it up – Pair sleek silver jewellery and orb details with a circular bag to dress up smart outfits or office wear.
Style it down – By combining sweet neutrals with edgy details for a casual look that is unique and personal, soft and feminine.

This season, mix, match and mismatch anything and everything. Pair unusual colours, wear earrings that don’t match and go for accessories that have more than one look. Mix different colours, mismatch your jewellery – make every look unique!

Tip – For a playful glamour from head to toe, combine an artistic printed scarf with sparkling shoelace charms.

Contrast an understated outfit with a bold statement necklace. The combination of subtle and strong is a modern classic.

Tip - Adding a statement necklace and matching watch is the quickest way to an instant outfit makeover.

Combine pastels with nude and plum with bright colours for a contrasting look with mix and match at it’s heart. With a revisable bag you can mix and match all day long!

Contrast ultra glossy with ultra matte for a look that is both sophisticated and playful.

Style it up – Give smart outfits an extra-polished finish with this season’s must-have glossy and matte details. Pair this matte grey bag with this beautiful necklace.
Style it down – Glossy and matte details work just as well with casual outfits, adding a feminine touch to a relaxed style.

Tip – Matte makeup is also ideal for transforming a subtle day look into a bold evening look.

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